Each year, the ABCA awards the Harvey Lillard Scholarship award to several very deserving SABCA students. The award is given annually at the ABCA National Convention each summer. Although scholarships are awarded at the National Convention, SABCA members do not have to be present to win.

Scholarships are awarded under the following categories:

  • Academic: Awarded to students who have demonstrated an outstanding history of academic achievement with the most exceptional GPA, most impressive series of extracurricular activities and a history of public service.
  • Leadership: Takes a student’s academic record into consideration, but also gives more weight to community service and leadership qualities.
  • Professional Advancement: Takes students’ ideas of how they (as students or new graduates) will contribute to the advancement of the ABCA in upholding its mission and purpose into consideration.

Harvey Lillard Scholarship Donors

2019-2020 Donors

Dr. Ada Aniniba – Diamond Level

Dr. Stanley Sims – Diamond Level

Dr. Quentin Brisco – Gold Level

Dr. Sonja Brookins – Gold Level


2018-2019 Donors

Evoke Chiropractic Coaching – Diamond Level

Dr. Deborah Little – Diamond Level

Dr. Brett Jones – Platinum Level

Dr. Micheala Edwards – Gold Level

Dr. Jerry Hardee – Gold Level

Dr. Xaivier Tipler – Gold Level

Dr. Leslie Walker – Gold Level

Dr. Rodney Williams – Gold Level

Dr. Shereffa Clarke – Sliver Level

Dr. DeVonte Glass – Silver Level


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