2020 – 2021 Leadership Directory

Executive Board                                   
Micheala Edwards, DC
Kansas City, MO
Phone: (214) 952-1280
E-mail: DrMEEdwards@ymail.com
Brandi Childress, D.C.Vice President
Brandi Childress, DC
Phone: (678) 891-2611
Fax: (770) 432-1195
E-mail: drbchildress@gmail.com
Mignon “Mimi” Sweat, MS, DC
E-mail: Drsweat07@att.net
Magen Henry, DC
E-mail: magen@drmagenhenry.com
Shereffa Clarke, D.C.Parliamentarian / Awards Chairman
Shereffa Clarke, DC
9741 Preston Road Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75033
Phone: (972) 335-2004
E-mail: shereffa.clarke@gmail.com
Quentin-BriscoImmediate Past President
Quentin M. Brisco, DC
Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: (337) 359-2424
Fax: (337) 330-2325
E-mail: drquentinbrisco@aol.com
Regional Representatives
Eastern Regional Director
Ada Aniniba, DC
E-mail: ihfcwellness@gmail.com
Central Regional Director
Xaivier Tipler, DC
E-mail: doctortip2000@gmail.com
Western Regional Director
Committee Chairpersons
Assistant to The President
Chris Vinson, DC
E-mail: Doccvin@gmail.com
Black Chiropractic History Chairman
Kenneth Brown, DC
E-mail: drbrown@backtohealthcmc.com
Board Reviews Chairman
Lindsay Banks, DC, MS, CPT
Houston, TX
Phone: 281-215-3627
Email: drbanks08@gmail.com
Budget & Finance / Elections Chairman
Rodney Williams, DC
Email: rodneywilliamsdc@yahoo.com
Fundraising Chairman
Damian Stevens, DC
Email: Thedoctordlstevens@gmail.com
Membership Chairman
Chohnice Daniels, DC
Email: drcdaniels@icloud.com
Mentorship Chairman
Frank Vaught, DC
Email: Drfvaught@gmail.com
Scholarship Chairman
Mariah Payne, DC
E-mail: mtpayne91@gmail.com
Website Chairman
Gordon Newell, DC
E-mail: drgnewell@gmail.com
Student Representatives
National Student Representative
Terance Carter
E-mail: terance.carter@logan.edu
Eastern Student Representative
Teresa Echols
E-mail: techols@sherman.edu
Central Student Representative 
Stormy Green
E-mail: stormy.green@ymail.com
Western Student Representative
Jasmine Brewster Piper
E-mail: jaspiper@students.uws.edu
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