Chiropractic – classified as one of the four major healing professions, and listed under the healing arts in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles published by the Federal Government, is a rapidly growing profession. It offers a career of unlimited opportunity and service to the dedicated doctor. In return, it gives security, prestige and excellent income.

The figures alone do not show the acute shortages of D.C.s that exist in some areas of the United States. Literally hundreds of towns that could adequately support a doctor of chiropractic are without anyone to offer patients this highly specialized service. And even in larger cities where there may be a number of doctors of chiropractic in practice, there is still need for more. Few cities of any size, even the largest, have enough doctors of chiropractic in ratio to the population. Neither do the above ratios take into consideration the national loss to the profession through death and retirement, or the pyramiding need due to population growth.

In addition to the demand created by our increased population, a greater public awareness of health and health care has also increased the need for doctors of chiropractic. The need has been further increased by wider recognition of the advancements chiropractic has made in the field of body mechanics and public health. Geographically, the U.S and Canada offer wide open fields of opportunity for doctors to establish good practices in modern chiropractic.