Strengthen Your Practice and Your Profession Through ABCA Membership

The American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA) works to preserve, protect, improve and promote the chiropractic profession for the benefit of the patients it serves. ABCA believes that doctors of chiropractic can contribute significantly to public health with their expert musculoskeletal care and their focus on a natural, whole-body approach to enhancing health and wellness. ABCA strives to remove any barriers that prevent patients from accessing the services of chiropractic physicians. Join us. Join ABCA.

In addition to looking out for your interests on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies, ABCA offers members a variety of professional resources that can help you run your practice more efficiently and effectively as well as keep you abreast of news and issues affecting the chiropractic community.

If you own a business that services the chiropractic community, consider pursuing one of three partnership opportunities with ABCA, which is proud to offer its members a wide range of services, discounts and educational opportunities through these valued companies.


How Can We Serve You?

Success in Practice
Through a variety of patient, marketing and practice management resources, ABCA can help you implement strategies that are optimal for your practice’s operation and growth, including…

  • New patients through Find a Doc, our online membership database
  • Information on Medicare and other federal programs open to DCs



Networking and Fellowship
Your ABCA membership gives you the opportunity to network with some of the best minds in the profession. Through a variety of  committees and professional events, DCs can…

  • Meet DCs from across the country at ABCA events and educational programs
  • Communicate with colleagues through ABCA’s social media platforms
  • Tackle professional issues through participation on one of ABCA’s many committees
  • Students can nuture lifelong friendships and gain valuable information as members of the Student ABCA (SABCA)


Strength in Numbers
When it comes down to who has influence in Washington D.C., it’s a matter of who has the loudest voice (i.e. the biggest membership or constituency). By joining ABCA and helping to increase our membership base, you are raising the chiropractic profession’s decibel level to new heights. Rest assured that in return ABCA is…

  • Advocating for pro-chiropractic legislation and policies on Capitol Hill, in the VA and the Dept. of Defense, and at other federal agencies
  • Raising chiropractic’s cultural authority by pushing for the appointment of DCs to federal health care panels and other decision-making bodies
  • Protecting your right to practice….and your patients’ right to access your services



Join us. JOIN ABCA