Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble logging in to These instructions will solve most login problems. We want you to login to now and frequently, so let’s get started!

  1. To login to, you must be a current ACA member and have an email address on file with us.
  2. Your login name is your entire email address and you must use the same email we have on file for you.
  3. Your password is a system generated number until you change it yourself after login.
  4. Forgot your password? Enter your email address and click on “Forgot Your Password?”.  Active members will receive the login info quickly, within moments.
  5. Password retrieval email reports an error – call or email us for assistance:

a. Member not found – no email address on file, membership not current OR you’re using a different email address than the one we have on file. Email us with doctor’s name and address and we’ll update your email address.  If your membership isn’t current, we’ll help with that, too – email

b. Password field in reply email is blank – email

c. More than one user with that email address– email


  1. ACA Password email not found in inbox OR junk/spam folder? Your spam filter might be stopping our emails.  Add “” to your list of Safe Senders.