Wide acceptance and a rapidly increasing population make the future of chiropractic a boundless one. Further, an active program of research assures students who are planning a career in chiropractic that their profession will continue to grow and progress.

Research will open new doors for chiropractic procedures and service and provide new career opportunities for the modern doctor of chiropractic. A student entering the profession this year will benefit from the latest advances in training and technology, and will, upon graduation, enter a profession that offers more opportunity than ever before. Not only are there more and more patients to serve, but there are also more specialized ways in which to serve.

In evaluating the future of chiropractic, another factor must be considered. The possibility of a healthier, longer and more productive life has been greatly increased by a more informed public and governmental interest.

The population growth, latest chiropractic research, increased health care, and greater health consciousness all assure chiropractic a future of expanding service.