The chiropractic physician – a particular kind of physician –  is engaged in the treatment and prevention of disease as well as in the promotion of public health and welfare. Doctors of chiropractic are thoroughly trained in all accepted standard methods of diagnosis. In addition, the chiropractic doctor has the advantage of understanding the significance of structural maladjustments that are commonly present in disease. Chiropractic training provides the foundation for this important and difficult part of diagnosis. 

Chiropractic is a broad field. The clinical practice of chiropractic has proven applicable in a wide variety of diseases. Chiropractic recognizes the importance of hygiene and sanitation as well as the factors of infection, fatigue, trauma and occupational hazards in the cause of disease. Exercise, nutrition, pure food, air, water, rest and common sense play as large a part in chiropractic as in other forms of practice.

With this background, and the advances made by chiropractic science in the field of body mechanics, a doctor of chiropractic will find wide areas of service open as a general practitioner or as a specialist within the field.