ABCA Presidents Report

Monday, February 17, 2014

Greetings ABCA members it has been an honor to serve as the President of the ABCA over the past year and a half. Over that time we have seen consistent growth and our future potential is exponential. One of my major goals was to establish a presence in the Western Region. The ABCA did not have a Western region representative until someone suggested Dr. Dionne McClain. Dr. McClain proved to be engaged and concerned about the success of the ABCA in the western region; therefore she reached out to Chiropractic Schools and helped to coordinate my visit to Palmer West on February 11th where I had a chance to speak to some concerned students about “The Black History of Chiropractic” but more importantly establishing a SABCA chapter for their school. Needless to say the presentation went great! Both the students and faculty were seeking our involvement to increase the number of minority students at their school. President Palmer College of Chiropractic West, William Meeker, DC, MPH personally encourages our continued engagement of students and alumni alike. He forwarded the contact information of Dr. Terry Wade 86’ alumnus with whom I had the pleasure of sitting down in his office to discuss his participation in the ABCA. He was pleasantly surprised by my presence and eagerly looking forward to contributing.

Initially I was only planning on staying one day. However GOD had other plans and divinely intervened with the Southeastern “Snow Jam #2”. As a result I was able to reach out to Life University and Life West Chiropractic College to inform them that I would be in town and that I would like to present to some concerned students. My friend Dr. Brian Flannery coordinated a presentation on February 12th at 12 Noon, again the students and faculty where educated and amazed at the content and inspired to establish a SABCA chapter at Life West also. After the Presentation Dr. Brian Kelly, DC President of Life West Chiropractic College took me out to lunch where we were able to share our visions and strategize for a better future for chiropractic as a whole. It was simply an “amazing time”. He even invited my family back as special guest to Life West Campus for “The Wave” August 1st and 2nd which is an idea whose time has come.
Leaving the west coast I was full of Passion and Purpose on fire for the ABCA and Chiropractic. Then when I returned to Atlanta on February 14th, I received confirmation from the Governor of California’s office that my recommendation for the California Chiropractic Licensing Board had been accepted. That’s right Dr. Dionne McClain is not only the ABCA Western Region Representative she is the newest member of the California Chiropractic Licensing Board. Congratulation Dr. McClain on a job well done, we look forward to even bigger and greater things in your future. We are proud to have you on our board!

Everyone let’s keep the momentum going straight to NCLC on February 26 – March 2st in Washington, DC, then to our regional meeting from June 26th – 26th in New Orleans, LA.

By the way check out our “Black History” Timeline at the bottom of our homepage.

Thank you and God Bless and remember.
“Because we are, therefore, I am”

Winston Kyle Carhee, Jr. DC
American Black Chiropractic Association
3915 Cascade Road, Suite 220
Atlanta, GA 30331

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