A career in chiropractic offers real satisfaction and rewarding income. In addition, doctors of chiropractic are their own managers, establishing their own hours and work habits. The chiropractic physician enjoys the advantages of a profession that is well established: one that ranks high in prestige and service, does not limit a person in opportunity, income or challenge, yet offers opportunities of security and community leadership.

The doctor of chiropractic is self-employed. If the practitioner enters independent private practice, a wide choice of locations is available in any type of community, city, town or rural area. The chiropractic office may be in a building downtown or in a residential area. The doctor determines working hours and is able to arrange these hours by appointment for the convenience of all. The doctor also decides vacation time and which days he will take off during the week.

A doctor enjoys respect of patients and community for fulfilling an honorable and needed function – that of maintaining the health and welfare of the people. As such, there are opportunities to make many friends and to achieve social and civic prominence. The doctor of chiropractic’s hours allow ample time to enjoy a full schedule of social, business and professional activities.

Good Income
The chiropractic profession does not want to attract students who are interested in financial possibilities alone. Rather, chiropractic wants earnest young men and women who will find gratification in contributing to human betterment. However, earning power is certainly a consideration in determining a career and should be taken into account.

The earning potential of a doctor of chiropractic is good – as good as and often better than most professions.

As in other professionals, financial success depends upon many factors – the individual characteristics of the practitioner, his ability to apply his knowledge, his personality, the location selected, and economic conditions.